Mark For Review

Mark for review is a standard feature provided in actual PMP exam. This feature comes in handy as the exam is progressing. With its help one can mark doubtful questions to be reviewed before final submission of the exam. When not sure about which option out of the given four to choose, one can simply mark the question and move ahead and review the question later.

How to mark a question?
One can simply click “MARK AND SAVE” button and review a question later.

Where to find marked questions?
The marked questions’ numbers will be highlighted in blue on the question palette.

When to use The Mark Button

Our best advice is this: Use the Mark Button sparingly.

The more questions you mark for review, the more questions you will have to review a second time before you can click the all important "End Exam" button. Use this table to guide you in regards to when you should mark a question in the simulator:

You are guessing

It is very important to never leave a single question on any exam unanswered. Leaving a question unanswered means that it is counted as incorrect. This means that in some cases you need to guess. And this is when you want to mark a question (and keep it marked) so that you can review it after your simulated exam.

How To Use the Mark button?

That's the easy part:

  • Click the button to "mark" the question
  • Click the button again to "un-mark" the question

Where do I see that I marked a Question?

There are four places where you will see that a question was marked:

  • On the question itself
  • In the question grid
  • On the examination report after the exam (both on-screen and in the email report)
  • In the detailed question review after the exam