My Lessons Learned about PMP Exam Prep(passed pmp) - Subhasis

I passed my exam today(27-12-2018) A very special thanks to Sanjay for creating and maintaining TestUdaan's wonderful Whatsapp group.

I must say, I took the lessons specially from those who failed from that group. I tried to work on those areas where they failed so that I dont do the same mistake. I also want to say that I never got more than 65% from my practice tests. But I kept on working on the areas where I made mistakes and that paid me well. I got most of questions from RISK and Quality and I must say they were really tough. I did not get any questions from Resources/ Agile. Most of questions were situational and mostly they were asking "what comes next".

I suggest, please go through the ITTOs for their logic of why they are there. At least thats what I did. Many questions came from Procurement and mainly asking what type of cotract you should choose. I got an intersting question on EAC... for its relationship with BAC.

TestUdaan's question bank has lot of question of that nature. Those practices paid me well. TestUdaan's questions are at par with the original quesions and practicing them will surely help....at least that happened with me. I really thank Sanjay and TestUdaan for the support in my PMP Journey.

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