Testudaan | My Lessons Learned about PMP Exam Prep(passed pmp) - Sandesh

Dear All, Thank You for all your support. Just grabbed PMP certification from PMI. In my first attempt, they denied, but this time, I grabbed that. Thank You Sanjay. Share such questions in daily basis. Will definitely help to become a PMP.

Read PMBOK 3-4 times and solved approx 3000 questions. TestUdaan mock tests are good to understand the PMP concepts. However, exams like Testudaan, Prepcast, PMZest are more close to actual PMP questions.

Read PMBOK as much as possible.

Person must be aware about all ITTOs. He must be master in ITTO to crack the PMP exam.

Testudaan question banks are really good. Improving my knowledge from 60% to 78% now. Like to maintain  this % for next 2-3 exams (Mock Test). Hope will be ready in next 10 days. Time taken is also improving well. I think good improvement.
TestUdaan mock tests are really good. Helping lot to improve the knowledge towards understanding the questions and how to tackle them for correct answers.

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