I have Passed my PMP Exam Today - Congratulations Chandra shekhar | Testudaan

Hello team,

thanks once again for the interactions and the materials shared all of which really helped me to get through the exam.

This is how I went about this exam. Since a month, started full concentration and 14 days before exam had applied leave to prepare. Read PMBOK about 4-5 times, read one chapter of pmbok and same in rita. After that took various mock test initially without timer and then with timer. Once done with the test went through both correct answers and wrong ones explanations equally. Where ever there was reference to pmbok given in the explanation, used to go through that portion to further reinforce the understanding. This really helped me.

Reference material used where PMBOK, RITA, Read and Pass by Maneesh (one this group member had shared, really good material easily understandable, my advice is to read this material after PMBOK and Rita). Mock tests taken are Test Udaan simulator, PMASPIRE, OLIVER LEHMANN, PM PRECAST, Green book (one of this group member shared it very good material) and Rita practice questions. Along with this, daily questions shared by Sanjay and this group members really helped.

For the test itself was calm, reading through the questions and the choices carefully, this makes lot of difference and it comes when practicing taking lot of mock test, sometimes used to feel how silly to have made a such a mistake.

Yesterday was lucky to have got pretty easy, straight forward questions which were less wordy.

So team wishing you all the very best for passing your exam.

Thanks again.


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