My Success Story - PMP Certification | Suthakar Murali | Testudaan

These are the steps I took to make my dream of PMP come true. 

1. Started Reading PMBOK6 from page to page. I correlated each concept with real time work. 
2. Used Read and pass for easy understanding of the concepts. 
3. Bought Mouli's Udemy Course and listened to the videos 
4. Took close to 3000 mock questions- Prepcast, Simpli learn, Testudaan, Udemy questions and few free resources. 
5. Prepcast is must to buy and the questions are very close to the Real exam.
6. Praveen Malik's ITTO pdf helped me to get better understanding of how input, tools and techniques and output works. 
7. Listened to Eduhubspot videos from Varun Anand
8. Took simpli learn free 200 questions mock once. These were situational questions which has helped in understanding what should I do if I am in that position.
9. I always focused on elimation method while answering questions and try to analyze why the answer went wrong and why other choices are not correct. 
10. Instead of knowing what's the correct answer, I practiced in such a way that I should be confident in knowing other options are wrong. 
11. Joined couple of watsapp group and Facebook groups where I answered the questions posted everyday.
12. Never try to remember the answers while taking mock and instead understand the concept. 
13. I did not revise anything on the day before exam. I was very relaxed and had good sleep.

At the end of my exam it was an awesome feel when I saw Congratulations on the screen. Hope this will help someone and Wish you all the best to crack your exam.

Suthakar Murali, PMP


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