My Success Story - PMP Certification | Jeremiah | Testudaan

Hello team,just from prometric centre and I am now certified pmp.Below is a summary of my study strategy.

1.I started with head first which simplifies the ten knowledge areas and is easy to understand.Answered all questions,revised them thoroughly

2.Revised Rita 9th edition keenly,answered all questions.This for your in for is the expansive version of PMBOK6

3.Used PMBOK6 to study the ITTOs.

4.Did over 1500 exam questions from Testuudan and other sources with keen interest on time management.

5.Exam will be familiar,you will submit a lot of change requests.Be focused and all the best.I will now exit the group with the blessings of Sanjay our lead.Thanks Sanjay,thanks Testuudan.


Are you looking for PMP practice tests!!!
I am Sanjay from Testudaan.
+919540829655 is my whatsapp number. I have very active groups. I post questions on daily basis in these groups.

And also post correct answer of questions.
This group will make 100% for exam.
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