FACT FILE-PMI certifications and new result format

New Exam Result Report Will Provide More Guidance to Exam Takers:-

In order to provide our certification exam candidates with a better experience and give them more information and tools to succeed, we are launching an enhanced exam Result Report.

Previous reports only provided pass/fail notification and one of three proficiency rating for each section (domain) of the exam. The new report will provide:

·        A detailed and visual explanation of how well the candidate did on the exam;

·        An explanation of the result; and

·        Help and guidance on what to do next.

Candidate will also receive more detailed information on each domain of the exam and more customized tips on the continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS). For those who fail, it will help them better prepare to retake the test; for those who pass, it will help guide their professional development.

Anyone Taking the PMI Professional in Business analysis (PMI-PBA), Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) or Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification exam on or after 28 April will receive the new report and information pages on CCRS. PMI will continue the roll for the remaining certifications over the next few months, ending with the Project Management Professional (PMP) on 28 August.

PMI has 286 charted and 16 potential chapters more than 5 Million PMBOK guide Editions now in Circulation.

Total Active holders are:

Sl. No. Course Course Description No of Active holder
  1.   CAPM   Certified Associate in Project Management 33,383
  2.   PMP   Project Management Professional 761,905
  3.   PfMP   Portfolio Management Professional 412
  4.   PgMP   Program Management Professional 1,880
  5.   PMI-RMP   PMI Risk Management Professional 4,013
  6.   PMI-SP   Scheduling Professional 1,652
  7.   PMI-PBA   PMI Professional in Business Analysis 1,282
  8.   PMI-ACP   PMI Agile Certified Practitioner 15,115

·         As per PMI Today edition May 2017

Additional Information for PMP Preparation:


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