PMP Quiz - Question of the day 11-06-2018(PMP Question Bank)

Testudaan is a platform which enables the user to practice a  number of quality questions to prepare for PMP exam with the right exam environment feel. The simulator also gives you in depth analysis of the test attempted so that the student can prepare according to his/her strength and weaknesses. Testudaan is a PMP exam simulator which provides the right exam environment to attempt and practice the questions. The simulator provides you with a number of practice questions and full PMP exams consisting of 200 questions each. The in depth analysis of the test is given through graphs and charts.

One question is posted daily on our blogs for all the PMP aspirants. The answer and explanation for these questions are posted next day on our blog. This enables the student to be in regular touch with the curriculum.

  1. To keep students in regular touch with the curriculum, we post one question daily on our blogs. The answer and explanation are posted next day on the blog. For further practice, the aspirants can login to our PMP exam simulator website and attempt PMP simulated test 16 which is free of cost .

  2. We have various blogs and facebook page  for Testudaan (PgMP exam simulator). We post one practice question on our blogs daily and post their answers and explanations next day on the blog. This keeps the student in regular touch with the curriculum.

  3. We have various way to Post a Question at our facebook page PMP Exam Simulator on daily. And The answer and its explanation  post in comment is posted next day on the post.

The best way to prepare for the exam is practice good quality questions with proper time constraints. Our simulator gives you a large number of good questions to practice


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